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MPIC's online records and services system is intended exclusively for the use of MPIC agents and insureds. It is intended to provide user access to their Statements of Value (SOVs) and Loss information.
Users are reminded that SOV information entered in this system is used by MPIC in the determination of insurance premiums and covered exposures.
Any change made by a user to their SOV that affects any of the following should also be reported to their agent or MPIC representative:
  • Buildings under construction – Builder’s Risk Coverage
  • Piers and/or wharfs – Pier and Wharf Coverage
  • Pedestrian Bridge – Pedestrian Bridge Coverage
  • Vacant Buildings – Vacancy Permit
  • Historical Buildings – Historical Building Coverage
  • Fine Arts >$50,000 in value – Fine Arts Coverage
Changes made to an insured's SOV may not provide coverage for all causes of loss. Users are encouraged to consult with their agent and MPIC representative if there is any question about coverage and to ensure that all applicable coverages are in force.